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Gerard Powell, Keahipio’ole is his Hawaiian name, but you can call him "G." He is an ordained  Music Minister, and Pastor of Maile Lei Christian Music Ministry. He is an independent Christian songwriter and musician. He received his master's degree in Business Administration and is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP). In 2002, Gerard wrote a book entitled "Percussion in the Context of Worship" where he explains the role of a percussionist and how percussive instruments are used during church worship service. In 2006, he released his first CD entitled "Rather Be A Doorkeeper" which features ten original songs. The CD has been described as an adventure in relaxing comfortable easy listening music with a feeling of peaceful and spiritual surrender. It is a collection of eclectic music, which reflects Gerard through his music to his Lord Jesus Christ.


In 2013, he released his second CD entitled "Thank You Lord." This CD features him playing the baritone ukulele and percussion on nine original Hawaiian Island style songs and the tenth song on the CD includes the hymn Amazing Grace that he performed as an instrumental.


                    In 2019, he released his third CD entitled "Island Style Christian Music Vol. 3." This CD is a solo disc project. It has 14 songs consisting of original songs and traditional hymns that took twenty-two (22) months in the making. The Lord blessed Gerard to play, sing, record, mix, and master all the instruments you hear on each song and features his baritone ukulele.     As a one-man band, his music consists of pre-recorded original praise, worship and traditional Hymns from his CD’s written, produced and arranged by him, performed island style using his baritone ukulele. 


His music has received airplay on over 400 Internet Christian and gospel radio stations across the nation, in the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe.


His music is registered with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). Gerard’s projects can be purchased on this website and are also available on itunes, Amazon, and other online stores. These recordings are excellent ministering tools.


He continues to travel internationally as a missionary, songwriter, musician and is available for national and international venues. 

Gerard Powell is the founder and president of GerardsMusic.Com / Maile Lei Christian Music Ministry.   

Gerard's music offers the Christian music lover easy listening Hawaiian and Caribbean Island style Christian worship and praise music through his CD recordings.







Spreading God’s Word Through Music And Song - Island Style.

In God's Word, in James 1:27, "To visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." This bible verse is the main reason I started Maile Lei Christian Music Ministry. 





Through the anointment of the Holy Spirit that I go boldly and spread the Word of God through music and song - island style.   





My mission is to spread God’s word through music and song, Island style. Per God’s Word in Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."

This ministry gives me the opportunity to write, record, produce and distribute my music all over the world. 





I would love to partner with you and bless you with a free 1 hour concert. Help me spread God's word through music and song in your community, church, non-profit or Christian organization, to connect people to God and one another.





I have performed nationally and internationally, including stadium events, conventions, and various church venues. I have conducted foundational workshops at worship conferences throughout the country. In 2016 I completed my European Christian Music Ministry tour, and in 2018, I completed my Caribbean Music Tour.





Bro. G has a really great style that is both beautiful to listen to and fun! His music is uplifting in all senses of the word. His messages plug me right in to the love of God and his unique sound brings that message to a higher experience of His word. 

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G is a creative soul and you will definitely be moved by his performance. His music feels like a tropical breeze as I relax in the sun with a cool drink in my hand, knowing that the Lord is right by my side. 
Liza T.

Thank You Lord is one great worship CD!!!  The Holy Spirit really speaks to me.  I love the xylophone and harp-like sounds and a tropical feeling to a lot of the music.  Praise God!!! Mary M.

Gerard, aka “ G “ is a God inspired musician whom I have had the opportunity to hear him perform live as well as listening to his CD’s in my car while driving. His music stands out in my heart with his touch of Island sound, makes me feel like I am there. My favorite song is “ I Praise Your Name “, it is very uplifting for me and has a way of carrying me throughout my day. Thank you G, I am blessed by God to have you in my life.
Theresa A