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Subject:    Rather be a Doorkeeper
Date:        April 7, 2011 11:00:50 AM PDT
Artist: Gerard Powell
Album: Rather be a Doorkeeper
Gerard Powell is on a mission to spread the word of God through music and song. In the “Rather Be A Doorkeeper” album it’s very easy listening and focus on strictures from the bible. It has a nice medium rhythm throughout the whole album with a island feel and a twist of blues melodies that make you listener relax and hear the words of a higher power and receive the message that awaiting you. The melodies, the instruments, and lyrics makes this a nice put together albums and take you on a voyage through song reconnecting, strengthens, rejoicing, and celebrating with the one you call your heavenly father.
Track 2 “Come to me” is a great early album opener that draws the listener in with a clear and positive message with distinctive lyrics and a nice smooth beat that make the song break your inferior walls down and just let you get emotional and let the word of God work in your life.
Track 6 “Here I am” is one of the songs that switch off mid to up tempo throughout the song. The lyrics are easy to listen to and very catchy and the lead vocals are very strong and the drums add that sincere ness to her voice that make you believe. Track Favorite
Track 10 “Trust in the Lord” has a very nineties feel type of beat takes me back to that feel good music. A great song that brings a person spirit backs up. Just one of those songs that are very catchy and make you want to just rock left to right and clap your hands and sing right along as the album closer it restores faith, rejuvenates your soul, and make you feel renewed after you have experience the album.

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Bro. G has a really great style that is both beautiful to listen to and fun! His music is uplifting in all senses of the word. His messages plug me right in to the love of God and his unique sound brings that message to a higher experience of His word. G is a creative soul and you will definitely be moved by his performance. His music feels like a tropical breeze as I relax in the sun with a cool drink in my hand, knowing that the Lord is right by my side. 
Liza T.

Thank You Lord is one great worship CD!!!  The Holy Spirit really speaks to me.  I love the xylophone and harp-like sounds and a tropical feeling to a lot of the music.  Praise God!!! Mary M.

Gerard, aka “ G “ is a God inspired musician whom I have had the opportunity to hear him perform live as well as listening to his CD’s in my car while driving. His music stands out in my heart with his touch of Island sound, makes me feel like I am there. My favorite song is “ I Praise Your Name “, it is very uplifting for me and has a way of carrying me throughout my day. Thank you G, I am blessed by God to have you in my life.
Theresa A




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