WELCOME to GerardsMusic.com-Maile Lei Music Ministry Productions

Gerard Powell is the founder and president of GerardsMusic.Com / Maile Lei Music Ministry Productions. It is an independent music ministry used solely for Gerard's purpose as a means to create and distribute his music as an independent Christian songwriter and musician.  
Gerard's music offers the Christian music lover easy listening Hawaiian and Caribbean Island style Christian worship and praise music through his CD recordings.
GerardsMusic.Com / Maile Lei Music Ministry Productions does not solicit other artists or record other artists for their individual recording projects.

GerardsMusic.Com / Maile Lei Music Ministry Productions helps non profit organizations worldwide to feed, shelter, cloth, educate and provide medical care to orphaned children worldwide. When you buy a CD from Gerardsmusic.com, 50 % of the purchase price goes directly to provide for the needs of these kids.

If you would like to donate to this music ministry to help Spread God's Word Through Music and Song, your tax deductable generosity is sincerely appreciated. 


Mahalo for your support! Gerard Powell 


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